Il Comitato Iso Millennium

The Iso Millennium Committee, founded in Bresso in 2000, intends to interest enthusiats and common people in the Iso brand, organizing meetings, offering the results from years of impassioned researches, as well as supporting the idea of an Iso Museum to be built in the previous Iso hangars, inside the park dedicated to Renzo Rivolta.

The ISO Millennium Committee Members: Roberto Ghezzi (president), Flavio Campetti (deputy-president), Irene Pullella, Alessandro Brioschi, Enzo Polesana, Marco Cesana, Alberto Calciolari, Eugenio Ghezzi, Lucio Campetti, Vavy Villa.
Honorary Members: Martin Aeschlimann, Bernd Campen, Leonardo Correa Luna, Darren Frank, Axel Gottschalk.


Here we are: Flavio Campetti, Irene Pullella, Roberto Ghezzi (president), Alessandro Brioschi, Enzo Polesana.

Goodbye President and thank you very much...
 March, 26th 2002